How we ended up doing this trip

Are you wondering why we have decided to do this trip?

Let’s go back to 2007. At this moment, we had just graduated and had a little bit of savings. This was a very good opportunity to travel before getting a job. So we decided to travel to Asia because it was cheap and Raf’s sister was in Beijing, his brother was in Bangkok, my brother was in Shanghai and I had some family in Cambodia. After this 4 months trip (which was amazing by the way), we wanted to do a trip around the world for 1 year! But for that we needeed more savings.

In 2009, we did both find a job in Paris and from then on quite enjoyed the restless parisian life. In 2013, we became tired of paying a rent, so we were ready to buy a flat in the center… yeehah! But before buying we had some vacation to visit Raf’s sister in Nepal. This trip was a reminder of our dream of travelling the world! We decided that we should make our dream come true before buying a flat or have any attachment to a city. So we both quit our jobs and decided to go fulfill our dream.

Moreover, this was also a good opportunity because my family was planning to go to Hong Kong for Christmas and to see the little Nathan (my nephew) just born in August 2014! We also have lots of friends and relatives abroad that we were not seeing as often as we would have liked.

As we had to be in Hong Kong just before Christmas, we booked the cheapest flight we found from Europe to HK using This flight was from Budapest. So we just connected the dots and traveled to Budapest via Berlin (to visit Kevin) and Prague, using’s precious tips for the trains.

This is how the trip began!!

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